How To Thicken Chili

Whether you've made chili for a party or just a family dinner night this how to thicken chili guide will help you thicken any runny chili to the thick consistency you want. There are lots of option!

6 Easy Ways


Remove the lid: Let some of the extra liquid evaporate while keeping it to a low simmer.


Add more beans to the pot. This will add more to  the chili without taking away the flavor.


Add tomato paste to the runny sauce to thicken up the chili.


Try adding extra vegetables such as corn, tomatoes, or even squash to thicken chili.


Adding cornstarch, cornmeal, or arrowroot to chili will help thicken it up. You can even add these ingredients to individual bowls.


After cooking, add chips, oyster crackers, saltines, or cornbread to make a chili less soupy.

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"This helped save my runny chili. So many great options that kept the integrity of the original flavor."

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