Stuffed Ziti Fritta


Dive into this fun Olive Garden Copycat appetizer, Stuffed Ziti Fritta. You will love dipping this fun dish in your favorite marinade. This crispy outside and cheesy center is our favorite!

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Mix together the ingredients to make a cheesy filling.


Cook the pasta. Add the filling to a plastic bag and cut a tip off. Pipe the filling into the noodle.


Roll the noodles in flour and then dip in an egg mixture. Roll in a bowl of seasoning. Place on a parchment paper and make the rest. Freeze for 30 minutes.


Place the frozen ziti in the heated oil. Cook for 1 minute and remove from the oil.  Place on a paper towel to cool.


Serve with your favorite marinade sauce!

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Love this copycat Olive Garden Stuffed Ziti Fritta. Made it with the rigitoni substitution. Loved dipping them in marinara sauce.

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