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So much fun for gathering with friends and family, this Breakfast Charcuterie Board is perfect for grazing for Brunch, breakfast, or breakfast for dinner. Perfect for Easter get togethers.

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Start by making/ heating up your meats. Sausage. bacon, ham, steak etc.


Bake or gather your carbs. Mini muffins, hash browns, granola, pancakes, waffles, french toast sticks, etc. Get bowls of syrups, yogurts, etc.


Start with your anchors. These are things like a bowl of syrup, yogurts, dips, or anything you've put in a bowl.  Place anchors around the board. Then make groupings of things and start to fill around the corners.


Start filling in  by building around the edges and around the anchors. Continue to fill in, balancing colors and elements.


Fill in any remaining empty spaces with more food, dips, etc. and any seasonal decorations desired. A full charcuterie board is what makes them so impressive.

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"Made this breakfast charcuterie for a brunch and it was a huge hit"

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