Easy, Verstaile, Deviled Eggs


Learn how to make easy deviled eggs with this basic recipe.  Including fun variations like curry, cajun, dill  or wasabi.

Ready in 10 minutes!

Stuff to do:

-gather food processor or mixing bowl and fork

-gather ingredients

-boil and peel eggs

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•boiled eggs •mayo •sweet pickle relish •yellow mustard •salt •pepper


Make perfectly boiled eggs by placing eggs in a pot of cold water. Bring water to a boil and turn off the heat. Cover and let stand for 12 minutes. Drain the water then fill pot with ice and cold water. Let rest 15 or more minutes.


Peel eggs then cut in half lengthwise. Place one entire egg plus the egg yolks in a food processor (or mix by hand with a fork) and process until coarse.


Add the remaining ingredients to the food processor and process until well combined and smooth. Alternatively, mix with a fork until smooth.


Use a spoon to scoop the filling into the egg halves, filling them nice and full. Top with your favorite garnish. We like to use paprika for color and more flavor and sliced gherkins.

Serving Tip:

Refrigerate immediately after assembling and keep cold until serving!

"This was one of the best deviled eggs recipes I've ever had! They were rich, creamy, and so delicious!"

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