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So much fun for gathering, this Dessert Charcuterie Board is perfect for entertaining! Loaded with snackable sweets and fruit, it'll be the sugary hit at your next party!

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Start by making or buying some yummy dips like Edible Brownie Batter, Cookie Dough dip and Caramel.


Start with the dips and bowls of things as your anchors. Place them around the charcuterie board.


Start building around the anchors and edges, placing groups of things around the board, paying attention to color and variety.


finish filling in. Make sure it is balanced with color and full. A full charcuterie board is what makes them so impressive. Use popcorn, fruit, pretzels and other things for dipping and snacking.

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"MMM Yum, we really enjoyed this dessert charcuterie board, I made it for a small party and everyone loved it."

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