Nature's Cereal


Made famous on TIkTok, this super simple Nature's Cereal recipe is a healthy antioxidant rich dish. Pair it with oatmeal or your favorite protein breakfast or eat is a late night snack. Lizzo loves it. 

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Start by gathering the fruit you want to use in your recipe. We love blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries but you can also use strawberries and pomegranate.


Add your fruit of choice in a single serve bowl.


Next add in pebble ice or crushed ice to add a fun crunch.


Pour in hydrating coconut water. Coconut water adds a great flavor.


Enjoy this delicious snack or breakfast dish with a side of eggs, avocado toast, or overnight oats.

I had a fun time making this with my kids. We really loved the fresh berries. I will totally be making this in the summer when berries are a little more accessible but we needed the fun treat during this dreary months.


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