The Best Tanghulu Recipe

Learn how to make Tanghulu, the delicious Chinese Candied Fruit also known as Hawthorn Candy. It's fun to make and  beautiful to look at. 

Stuff to do:

-Wash and dry fruit.

-gather the fruit and skewers

-get a candy thermometer

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•white granulated sugar • Water •bamboo skewers Fruit of choice: •Strawberries •grapes •mandarin oranges •blueberries •black berries •raspberries


With the bamboo skewers, skewer 1-3 pieces of fruit. If you put too many on, it is hard to dip in the sugar syrup.


Bring water and sugar to a rolling boil, on medium heat in a medium sauce pan. Boil until it reaches 300* F, checking with a candy thermometer.


Dip the skewered fruit in the sugar syrup and remove immediately. The sugar coat will harden almost immediately.


Place the drying fruit on parchment paper and let sit until completely hardens.

I had a fun time making this treat with my kids. We used this recipe for a party and people thought they looked so cute!

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