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Quick & Easy Banana Cream Pie made with instant vanilla pudding and real bananas. Make in less than 15 minutes! Perfect for spring and Easter dinner!

Step 1:

Crush graham crackers and mix with melted butter. Push into the bottom and up the sides of the pie plate. Slice bananas and put on the crust.

Step 2:

Mix a large box of vanilla instant pudding (we used Jell-o) with 2 cups cold milk. Whisk for 2-3 minutes until thick. The vanilla perfectly compliments the banana!

Step 3:

Fold 4 oz cool whip into the pudding using a spatula.  Careful not to over-mix your banana cream pie filling!

Step 4:

Pour filling on top of bananas. Refrigerate for 3+ hours. When ready to serve top with whipped cream.

Toss bananas in lemon juice to prevent browning. Place more bananas between whipped cream mounds. Serve and enjoy!

Step 5:

This Banana Cream Pie is out of this world delicious. It's so smooth and creamy. The vanilla pudding perfectly accents the bananas for the yummiest dessert! Made in 10 minutes!

"This is so good! Great last minute dessert! My kids devoured it. And so simple to make too! My go-to Banana Cream Pie recipe from now on!"

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