The Best Tasting Protein Pancake

Protein Pancakes

Make the very best tasting protein packed pancakes with this easy to follow recipe. A filling breakfast!


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✔️ Oats ✔️ Greek Yogurt ✔️ Eggs ✔️ Flour ✔️ Cinnamon ✔️ Milk ✔️ Protein Powder (optional)

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In a small food processor, blend old fashioned oats until they resemble a flour like texture. 

In a medium sized mixing bowl add the oat flour, flour, cinnamon, protein powder and other dry ingredients. Mix!

Add in the milk, eggs and plain greek yogurt and mix until a smooth batter. 

On a preheated griddle, spray with cooking spray and pour 1/4 cup of batter evenly spaced out.

Cook for about 3-4 minutes before flipping the pancake to the other side. Cook all the way through and serve!

WOW, just wow! Protein pancakes that actually taste delicious and are soooo filling. Love making these.

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