Chocolate Covered Cashews


A quick and easy  healthy snack made with semi sweet chocolate, roasted cashews and sprinkled with salt. A no bake treat perfect for after school or late night snacks. 

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In a microwave safe bowl, melt the semi sweet chocolate. Add in the coconut oil and mix.


Add the cashews into the coconut oil and  semi sweet chocolate melted mixture.


Mix the cashews with the melted chocolate until completely coated.


Scoop small clusters of coated cashews and place them on a parchment paper and sprinkle with coarse sea salt.


Place in the refrigerator to let set. Enjoy when the chocolate hardens and cashews stick together.

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"These cashew clusters are so tasty and my new go to nighttime snack. I love the salted semi-sweet chocolate taste. A perfect healthy snack that satisfies the sweet tooth."

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