Rasta Pasta

Easy, from scratch Rasta Pasta is made with jerk chicken, bell peppers and more. It's light, creamy, delicious Jamaican flavor

Ready in 25 minutes!

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Cut chicken into cubes. Make ahead: mix jerk and lime juice and toss chicken in to marinade 2-24 hours. Otherwise toss in a pan and cook until it reaches 165° F.

Remove chicken. Heat butter in a pan and add garlic. Then stir in the flour.

Stir in one cup of milk. Combine until it looks like the picture above. Add the rest of the milk, one cup at a time, whisking together after each addition.

Add the seasoning, then the bell peppers and green onions. Bring to a simmer and simmer 5 minutes.

Add the chicken back in, then stir in the parmesan. Stir in the noodles. Add more jerk seasoning until desired heat is achieved.


This Rasta Pasta can be made in 30 minutes. It's smooth and creamy and so full of yummy jerk flavor!

"OKay this Rasta Pasta was so so good. So flavorful and yummy. The creamy spicy was everything. My whole family loved it. Tasted a lot like Rainforest Cafe! Took us all right back to Jamaica, yum!"

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