Air Fryer

A drizzle of oil, some yummy spices and parmesan, slightly crispy and cooked to perfection! Our favorite way to enjoy asparagus!

Step 1

Preheat air fryer to 400*F. Rinse asparagus and pat dry. Snap off ends.

Step 2:

Drizzle avocado oil over top and mix until well coated- don't forget the ends!

Step 3:

Sprinkle garlic seasoning and pepper over top and again combine until well coated.

Step 4:

Place asparagus in air fryer basket. Cook 4 minutes then shake. Sprinkle parmesan over the top and cook 3 more minutes.

Step 5:

Serve immediately and enjoy! Click link below for exact measurements and more tips!

Our family loves how crispy and wonderful the texture of asparagus is when cooked this way. Also, such a great flavor, we will be making it this way from now on!

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