Freeze Avocado

4 Ways to 

Learn this money saving hack by freezing avocado when it's ripe and ready to use but you don't have time or too many to eat. Frozen avocado is a great way to by avocado in bulk and freeze for another meal. 

Money Saving Hack

Sliced Mashed Chunks Whole

4 Ways to Save!


Sliced avocado is great for serving on toast, salads, smoothies and more!


Mashed avocado is great for making guacamole or spreading on toast. Use it as a vegetable dip!


If you don't know what you're going to use your avocado for, you can freeze them in chunks for smoothies, salads, snacking and more.


In a time crunch but have a lot of ripe avocado? Wrap the whole or halved avocado in plastic wrap to freeze in a pinch.


Be sure to check out our post to see great ways to keep them from sticking together and not going brown!

See the recipe for more tips and tricks!


"I often buy frozen avocado without thinking to freeze my own. This was a great step by step guide to freeze avocado. We love the sliced method! It's easy to throw on toast in the morning, or in a smoothie!"

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