Hot Girl Summer Salad


We love viral recipes and this tiktok famous recipe is no exception, Hot Girl Summer Salad. The perfect meal for the warm spring and summer months. A great way to get tasty nutrients. 

Easy and Delicious

This summer salad makes a great meal prep meal. Toss all of the vegetable together and add the dressing when ready to eat. 

Meal Prep


Chop all of the vegetables and add them to a large mixing bowl.


Season the chopped cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, and pepperoncini with paprika, garlic powder, and salt and pepper.


Next add hard boiled eggs, sunflower seeds and the zesty italian dressing. You can add more or less dressing depending on your preference.


Toss altogether until it's evenly mixed. Taste and adjust the spices depending on what you like.

We love how quickly this dish comes together and that it can be a main meal or side dish.  

See the recipe for more tips and tricks!


"Hot girl summer salad is such a good meal prep meal. I've also made this for lunch and it was the perfect size, very filling. I love when viral tiktok recipes are worth trying and making again."

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