Oat Milk Smoothie

This Oat Milk Smoothie is perfect for a hot summer day, or protein pack breakfast or evening snack. Delicious and healthy. 

Ready in 5 minutes!


•Oat Milk •Ice •Frozen Bananas •Cinnamon •Honey •Peanut Butter •Vanilla Protein Powder (optional)

Add Ice, and frozen bananas to a blender. You can use fresh bananas, the texture will vary. 

Add cinnamon, peanut butter, honey, and a scoop of your favorite vanilla protein powder (optional).

Pour oat milk into the blender with the other ingredients. 

Blend on high until a smooth texture appears. 

Pour this Oat milk Smoothie into a cup and enjoy for a refreshing breakfast or late night snack.

I saw Oat milk at trader joe's and was excited to find recipes to try it out! This one didn't disappoint.

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