OREO Brownie Trifle

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This quick and easy  OREO brownie trifle is perfect and so yummy! Layered with brownies, OREOs, a fluffy cream cheese filling and OREO pudding. it's so absolutely delicious! 

Absolutely delicious!

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Make a batch of your favorite brownies! Make it fast with a box cake mix, if desired.


Make the cream cheese whipped cream then put in refrigerator.


Make OREO pudding and crush OREOS. Trifle is coming your way.


Start with a layer of brownies, then Cream cheese whipped cream, then OREO pudding, then crushed OREOS. Continue layering until trifle bowl is full.

"No, there's nothing better than an Oreo dessert haha! And this trifle proves it 😀 I love the brownies and cream cheese and oreo pudding. It was just divine.!"

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