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Peach Hand Pies

The perfect peach recipe for peach season. Peach hand pies are an easy peach pastry made with puff pastry. Individual pies for everyone!

Stuff to do:

-lay out thawed puff pastry

-gather ingredients

-Slice and Peel Peaches

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•fresh peaches •puff pastry •cornstarch •vanilla extract •maple syrup or honey •salt •milk Coarse Sugar for garnishing

Peel and slice the peaches. Add them to a medium mixing bowl and add cornstarch, vanilla, and maple syrup. Mix.

Cut thawed puff pastry into six equal rectangles. One cut down the middle, two cuts lengthwise. 

Cut each rectangle into small strips, lengthwise, stopping at the halfway point. 

Place 3-4 seasoned sliced peaches on the uncut side of the puff pastry.  Fold the cut strips over the peaches and pinch the sides together. 

Brush the top of the uncooked pastry with milk and sprinkle with coarse sugar. Cook until golden brown and flakey. About 13 minutes. 

So easy and so fast! Wow so delicious!

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