Peppermint Milkshake


Peppermint Chip Milkshake is such a fun holiday treat. This peppermint bark ice cream treat tastes delicious and made from the comfort of your home, it's a copycat chick-fil-a recipe!

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Start by gathering vanilla ice cream, candy canes, milk, peppermint extract, white and milk chocolate chips. Or you can your favorite peppermint bark.


Add vanilla ice cream and crushed candy cane to a high speed blender.


Add in the white and milk chocolate chips to the blender. You can also use broken pieces of peppermint bark.


Pour in the milk and peppermint extract and blend on high until smooth. The longer you blend, the smaller the chocolate chips will be.


Pour into individual glasses and serve topped with whipped cream and more crushed candy canes.

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"We absolutely love this copy cat peppermint milkshake. We are huge Chick-Fil-A fans but don't live close to one so this recipe was a perfect substitute. It captured the taste of peppermint bark perfectly!"

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