Fruity Pebbles 

No Bake Cheesecake

No Bake Cheesecake

No-Bake Fruity Pebbles Cheesecake is the perfect no-bake dessert for St. Patrick's Day Weekend! Kids love this tasty colorful dessert.  Made with fruity pebbles, marshmallows, and cream cheese you can't go wrong with this fun and easy dessert. A perfect rainbow leprechaun dessert.

Step 2:

Mix together cream cheese, whipping cream, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar. Mix until a smooth texture.

Step 3:

Mix in fruity pebbles and spread into the fruity pebbles, marshmallow crust. Top with extra fruity pebbles for a fun look!

For the full recipe and more tips, follow the link below!

Very quick and easy to whip up, and the kids in the family absolutely loved it! Thanks!

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