Deviled Strawberries

Strawberry Desserts

Enjoy Yummy Deviled Strawberries for Valentine's day! Full of a yummy cream cheese filling, they are so fun and fresh and delicious!

Ready in 15 miinutes!

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Beat cream cheese for 3 minutes, until very smooth. Add vanilla and cream and beat one more minute.


IIf making chocolate, melt chocolate then stir into cream cheese mixture. If not making chocolate, skip this step.


Wash and slice strawberries. Cut the tops off, then cut them in half then remove the center.


Place filling in a piping or ziploc bag (with the end snipped) and fill deviled strawberries with filling.


Top with mini chocolate chips or crushed graham crackers, if desired. Enjoy!!

More tips and tricks at the link below!

"Yum, I have seen Deviled Strawberries on tiktok and wanted to make them. This recipe is perfection, we all loved it so much! 


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