Halloween Chocolate Bark


Tasty Halloween Bark is so fun to make and it's quick and easy. Made with a pretzel base, topped with milk chocolate, reese's pieces, and spooky halloween sprinkles, this will be a crowd favorite. Use as a party treat or family fun!

Quick and Easy

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Begin by adding a large nest of stick pretzels to parchment paper.


Pour melted milk chocolate over the top of the pretzels. Go in an up and down motion as to not push the pretzels away.


Then drizzle melted white chocolate over the top of the milk chocolate to make a spiderweb design.


Before the chocolate melts, add the Reese's Pieces and halloween sprinkles so they stick to the surface.


Let the chocolate set and harden. Break the chocolate slab into smaller pieces to create the bark.

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"This halloween bark was so fun to make! I had all the ingredients handy and tasted delicious."

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